A Vision To Build Partnerships That Create Passive Income That Revolves Into Long-term Wealth.


We Are A Growing Company That Is Looking For Ways To Serve More People So That We Can Change The World One Part At A Time. What We Do Is Simple, Through Our Platform, We Help Connect People To Discount Used And Remanufactured Car Parts.


People Can Log Onto Our Website, Enter Their Info So We Can Get To Know With What They Need For Their Car, And We Will Contact Them With Discount Options That We Will Ship Directly To Them. Every Car Part Isn’t Sold In Stores, So We Take Out The Hassle Of Hunting For That Replacement Engine For That 2004 Car For Example.


As Models Continue To Age, And People Seek To Prolong Car Life, Used And Recycled Parts Will Be A Continued Need. The Automotive Recycling Industry In The U.s Is A $32 Billion Dollar Market. This Is How You Can Be Apart Of It With Us:


We Close Sales With Our Customers Through A Simple Process. 1. We Are Contacted Through Online Submission, 2. We Search Our Database Of Used And Rebuilt Parts For The Best Options, 3. We Contact The Customer And Submit Their Order, The Item Is Then Shipped Directly To Them. How You Can Join In Earning Income Is Simple:


1. We Will Provide You With A Personal, Custom Landing Page That You Can Share With People Who Need Car Parts.


2. On This Landing Page We Will Be Able To Track The Amount Of Visitors To Your Specific Link. This Link Is Exclusively Yours.


3. When A Person Submits The Info For The Part They Need On Your Link, One Of Our Team Members Will Follow Up With The Customer. If Or When That Customer Places An Order, You Earn A Percentage Of The Sale.

It’s That Simple.

We Want To Make It As Easy As Possible For You. You Won’t Need To Contact The Person, One Of Our Team Members Will Handle All Of The Leg Work. When The Purchase Is Made, You Will Be Automatically Credited For Earning That Customer. At The Start Of Each Month, You Will Receive Payment For A Percentage Of Every Purchase That Was Made As A Result Of A Customer Following Your Link. You Won’t Need To Pressure Anyone, Make Any Calls, Or Distribute Any Products.


Will Provide Your Custom Landing Page, You Simply Share It With Whomever You May Know That Needs Spare Parts And We Will Take Care Of The Rest.your Link Is Uniquely Linked To Your Name, So Whenever An Inquiry For Parts Is Received Through It, You Can Be Assured That When A Purchase Is Made, You Will Receive An Automatic Payment For Your Share Of The Order.


We Will Automatically Keep Track Of All Orders Placed That Began With Your Landing Page. You Simply Connect With Whoever May Need Used Parts.



This Partnership Is Made So That You Don’t Have To Go Door To Door And Sell Anything. The Great Thing Is, People Actively Seek Out Car Parts. Our Goal Is To Make It As Painless For You To Participate As Possible. To Do That, We Create The Landing Page Connected To Your Name, We Handle All Of The Customer Service, We Take Care Of Placing All The Orders, We Even Provide You With Graphics To Share On Social Media If You Choose To. You Simply Share The Link With People Who Need Parts. We Ensure That You Are Credited For Every Person Who Does Business With Us Through Your Efforts. You Will Be Paid Via A Monthly Direct Deposit.




Not Only Will You Receive A Percentage Of Every Order That Is Sold Via Your Link, You Will Be Paid Just For People Clicking On Your Link. Meaning Even If People Do Not Purchase A Product, You Will Receive A Fixed Amount, Beginning At 15 Cents Per Click. You Will Be Earning Income Just For A Person Viewing Your Link. Earning Income Just For Clicks Is Ideal. We Believe This Is A Radical Strategy That We Want To Use To Communicate That We Are Invested In Helping You Win & Financially Grow. So Lets Say You Get 100 Visits; You’ll Earn $15.00 Even If No One Places An Order, And If An Order Is Placed, You’ll Be Paid For The Click As Well As A 8% Share Of The Order Total.




Earn For Every Click & Every Order


1 Click On Your Link = 15 Cents. For Context, This Is How Major Search Engines Such As Google Earn Revenue. When A Person Searching Google Clicks On An Advertisement On The Search Results, Google Earns Income From Advertisers. This Means Your Link Can Be Left Unattended, And Still Earn You Money If It Is Being Clicked On. You Won’t Need To Do Any Heavy Lifting. You Simply Market Your Link To Potential Buyers And Watch Your Earnings. Note That Clicks Must Be From Unique Browsing Devices. Duplicate Clicks, And Clicks On Different Browsers Can Be Detected. We Maintain Advanced Tracking Analytics For Your Landing Page, This Will Enable Us To Send You A Monthly Detailed Report Of Your Visits, And All Of The Orders Credited To You. The Earnings System Is Structured In 5 Tiers:

• 1st Tier: 15 Cents Per Click / 8% Per Order
• 2nd. Tier: 20 Cents Per Click / 10% Per Order
• 3rd Tier: 25 Cents Per Click / 13% Per Order
• 4th Tier: 30 Cents Per Click / 15% Per Order
• 5th Tier: 40 Cents Per Click / 20% Per Order


Everyone Who Joins The Affiliate Program Begins In The First Tier. As Our Company Continues To Grow Over Time, We Will Continue To Raise The Percentages Per Order That Each Tier Receives, As Well As The Earnings Per Click. We Hope To Double Each Tiers Earnings Per Click As Soon As Possible. Because You Are Receiving A Percentage Of The Order Total, Rather Than The Subtotal (The Cost Of The Order Before Taxes And Shipping Costs) You Are Receiving A Percentage Of The Largest Amount So That Your Earning Can Be Maximized. This Is Not A Get Rich Quick Program, But We Believe It Is A Way To Help You Create An Easy And Simple Stream Of Additional Income That Does Not Consume Large Amounts Of Time Or Require Aggressive Sales Strategies. We Will Take Care Of All Maintenance To Your Page, We Will Provide Creative And Attractive Graphics For You To Share, We Will Keep Track Of Your Traffic And Send You A Monthly Report Along With Your Direct Deposit For Your Earnings.


Before We Explain How To Advance To Higher Tiers, Keep In Perspective The Profitability Of Used Car Parts. While We Discount All Of The Parts We Sell To Help The Customer Achieve The Best Savings We Can, Parts Are A Product That Even When Discounted Will Range In The Hundreds Of Dollars, Or Even

By Passively Connecting With People In Need Of Replacement Car Parts, You Can Earn Supplemental Income That Will Give Many Times The Returns On The Time You Invest, Because The Program Is Structured So That You Can Earn At Any Given Time. You Won’t Need To Hold Inventory, Make High Pressure Calls, Or Do Sales Pitches, Because That Isn’t What We Do At Our Company. We Simply Want To Be A Resource To Connecting Car Owners With The Parts They Need.


We Will Not Promise Unrealistic Amounts Of Income In Order To Rope You Into A Partnership With Us That Is Not Beneficial For You. We Believe This Can Help Earn Everyone Who Partners With Us Great Additional Monthly Income.


We’ll Provide:

• Marketing Strategies
• Coaching
• Social Media Graphics
• Custom Landing Page
• Page Maintenance
• Automatic Earnings Deposits
• Monthly Reports
• Quarterly Bonuses



If You Are Interested In Becoming A Partner-affiliate, Submit Your Information Below & We Will Follow Up With You To Answer Any Questions And Get You Started!